How one entrepreneur changed recycled clothing into upcycled fashion

by Rebecca B. Kimber

Founder of circular economy blog and podcast Earthy B

I don’t think it’s fully on the consumer to eliminate the world’s waste. As consumers, we do need to help boost the market because I can’t do what I do unless someone buys it. But the brands have the responsibility to figure it out. They need to create the infrastructure and processes to make this happen.

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Spotlight on PitchFest 2017

by Camber Outdoors

The landfill is our #1 competitor. It’s the cheapest, easiest solution on the market. … We want to change business as usual and close the loop on textile waste. 

—Christina Johnson of Upcycle it Now


This Woman Upcycles Disney’s Trash and Sells It Back to Them


Yahoo! Makers

Design grad Christina Johnson’s interest in recycling textiles into new products became a business that proves everything old can be made new again.


Upcycle It Now Background

“From the very beginning, Liz Bordessa was an entrepreneur with a keen eye for business development. She shared her entrepreneurial spirit with her daughter, Christina Johnson. Together, they have created a thriving, environmentally friendly, sustainable business – Upcycle it Now…


Christina’s Bio

Christina Johnson always knew that one day she would own her own business. Like her mother and business partner, Liz Bordessa, Johnson is an entrepreneur at heart…


Liz’s Bio

With an interest in business development and an eye for industry trends and developing opportunities, Liz Bordessa began her career in advertising sales, working directly with small businesses helping them grow.


Patagonia Partnership Release

Upcycle It Now, a sustainable design and manufacturing company, in partnership with outdoor apparel company Patagonia, has successfully launched and nearly sold out their entire Upcycled Spring 2015 Collection of exciting, colorful toiletry bags.


Upcycling Turns Trash Into Valuable Products

ABC News

“Liz Bordessa and her daughter, Christina Johnson, practice full on upcycling.  Their company, Upcycle It Now, takes dump-destined castoffs from such companies as Patagonia and Disney (parent company of ABC News) and turns them into new, upscale products — some handsome, some witty, some both.”


A New Consuming Philosophy: Reuse, Remake, Refrain 



“Liz Bordessa and her daughter, Christina Johnson, launched Upcycle It Now to give Bordessa’s tailoring and alterations business a boost after the recession. The Long Beach company now partners with Patagonia to make yoga mat slings from old board shorts and dog jackets out of used rain gear and fleece outerwear.”