What’s involved in a Partnership?

Our vision is to close the loop on textile waste and help get manufacturers one step closer to achieving their sustainability objectives by mobilizing them to redesign and sell upcycled products.

More companies are recognizing the negative impact that manufacturing processes and wastes has on the environment and society overall. Although many have incorporated sustainability values into their corporate responsibility mission, as hard as they try, it is not always easy to live up to those desired objectives or clearly demonstrate the sustainability efforts they are making.

At the same time, today’s consumers are more and more environmentally conscious, have stronger shopping principles and are likely to seek out and become loyal to those companies who share similar environmental and social values. It is becoming critical for companies to find ways to implement their values in a way that is relevant and meaningful to their consumers.

Upcycle It Now envisions helping companies bring their sustainability values to life by putting the evidence right in the hands of their consumers via an upcycled product made from the company’s own textile wastes. We design and customize upcycle products to not only reflect, but to also extend, the brand and its sustainability values.

Contact us if you would like to start the conversation about how we can work together towards this goal.

Contact: Christina

(562) 882 -1825


Features/ Benefits

  • Transformation of Value     Take what would have been waste and create a second life and profit
  • Test Concepts                      Ensure we select a product concept that will appeal to consumers
  • Pilot Runs                             Ensure that the production is feasible and eliminates errors
  • Small Minimums                  Allow us to test a specific product idea
  • Short Lead                           Small team allows us to be responsive
  • USA Made                            Supports local jobs and community
  • Women Owned                    Provides diversity in suppliers

Current Partners


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