What we have been up to…

What we have been up to…

Where is the year going?! I know we all probably feel this way and we can hardly believe that the New Year is only 2 weeks away.  We’ve been busy bees over here at Upcycle it Now and would love to share with you what we’ve been up to this year and what is to come.

This year we had the fortune to work with amazing companies such as Disney, Patagonia, Northrop Grumman, Long Beach Museum of Art, and more.  We participated in multiple Earth Day events in April, which turn out to be one of our busiest months, Go Earth Month!  During this time we launched our own e-commerce site and got social by setting up our Pinterest, Facebook page and Instagram.  We also participated in our local Long Beach Patchwork fair that showcases handmade and artisan products made in the USA.  And our dog coat order for Patagonia doubled and the number of store that carried them tripled, meaning more warm and cozy pups in more areas!  That’s not all for Patagonia either… we picked up another line, this time travel pouches made out of perviously loved board shorts, which will hit stores in early spring!

And lastly on a personal level I have started an amazing Sustainable MBA program at Presidio Graduate School so that we can take Upcycle it Now to new heights of awareness and impact.

However none of this would be possible without the support of our incredible partners and loyal customers. Thank you for being part of our journey thus far and I can’t wait to see the amazing opportunities to come in 2015!

Can’t wait to dig into the New Year!

Best wishes,

Christina and the rest of the Upcycle it Now Team