Our Mission

“Support manufacturers in creating a second life for used or unwanted textiles by designing and producing beautiful, high quality and functional products, while providing local skilled jobs for our community.”

Upcycle It Now envisions helping companies bring their sustainability values to life by putting the evidence right in the hands of their consumers via an upcycled product made from the company’s own textile wastes. We design and customize upcycle products to not only reflect, but to also extend, the brand and its sustainability values.


Our Story

Upcycle It Now, is a mother/daughter owned business, born out of a shared entrepreneurial spirit and steadfast determination to become sustainability change agents by partnering with textile companies to upcycle their textile waste into beautiful, high quality and functional products for the active lifestyle.

It all started after I completed my design degree at UC Davis and headed to India for an internship with a sustainable design company. It was here where I saw the urgent need for sustainable textile manufacturing and knew in my heart that I had to be part of creating a meaningful change.

My mother, Liz Bordessa, a successful businesswoman in her own right, possessed an innate passion for business development and for years owned a tailoring and alterations business. During Liz’s visit to India, we saw the alignment between our collective experiences, passion for social and environmental sustainability and the growing need to address the textile waste issue.

Upcycle it Now is a very open and approachable company that is willing to educate and share knowledge with others for the greater sustainability cause. Passionate, resourceful and determined our goal is to galvanize textile businesses to embrace upcycling and inspire them to make a positive environmental impact. We respect and are compassionate with all our team members and treat them not only as family, but as the truly skilled and talented craftspeople that they are. Always future-minded, we want to continue to build additional job opportunities for our local community.

Our goal is to be change agents for the textile industry, true believers, guided by the core principles of fostering ideas, people, and partnerships.


How Upcycle it Now Works


Where are the products?


We sell a small selection of overruns and pilot products here on this site.



Are sold or distributed by our partners to their audiences.


Interested in Sustainable Awareness

We also participate in business and organization’s Earth Day and educational events to inform and/or sell products and promote sustainable reuse.

For more info on this contact Christina at: info@upcycleitnow.com


Watch Us In Action