Our Mission

“To promote local jobs, to create a second life for used materials, and to make beautiful and useful products.”

We believe in a triple bottom line were social and environmental issues are just as important as profits.
We also believe that no matter how good of a story and background a product has it must be nice to look at, easy to use, and long lasting.
We hope to help educate about waste management and all the possibilities that there are for reducing, reusing, and upcycling.  Contact us to come to your business, school, or organization.


Our Story

From the very beginning, Liz Bordessa was an entrepreneur with a keen eye for business development. She shared her entrepreneurial spirit with her daughter, Christina Johnson. Together, they have created a thriving, environmentally friendly, sustainable business – Upcycle it Now.

The vision for Upcycle It Now dates back to Johnson’s early days as an aspiring fashion designer attending college. Through the design program at UC Davis, Johnson was introduced to the many environmental issues surrounding the textile industry.  It was at that time that her passion to become an agent for change in the textile industry took shape. The vision was cemented in her mind following a full-time, six-month internship she secured in India with a sustainable design company, where she realized the urgent need for sustainable manufacturing. Bordessa visited Johnson in India and together they saw the connection between their collective experience and the growing environmental need. Johnson and Bordessa agreed to begin a new venture and, in February 2011, leveraging Bordessa’s vast experience with apparel design and tailoring, and Johnson’s passion for sustainability, Upcycle It Now was formed.


How Upcycle it Now Works


Where are the products?


We sell here on this site.



Are sold or distributed by our partners to their audiences.


Interested in Sustainable Awareness

We also participate in business and organization’s Earth Day and educational events to inform and/or sell products and promote sustainable reuse.

For more info on this contact Christina at: info@upcycleitnow.com


Watch Us In Action