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Launching UC Davis Products
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UC Davis is known for their commitment to innovation and sustainability so it is no surprise that these campus banners skipped the ride to the landfill and made their way to us to... Read More

35 Billion
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According to projections based of an EPA study we are likely to see 35 Billion pounds of textile waste enter the American waste stream in 2019 alone.  This is mainly because a majority... Read More

Pitchfest 2017
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Camber Outdoors Pitchfest drives innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship among women who love the outdoors. Out of 47 applicants Upcycle it Now made the top 7 finalists. Then after 2 months working with working... Read More

Disneyland Fun + Research Day!
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A fun day at Disneyland gave us a peak at what new street banners might be coming our way.  As well as leaving us daydreaming about what our Tomorrowland might hold for us… Could... Read More